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Pharmaceutical packaging

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Nova Arti Grafiche in recent years has firmly positioned itself among the leading companies in Italy in the Pharmaceutical Packaging segment, acquiring all the instruments that allow the use of Braille technology.
The Braille system is the reproduction by means of raised dots of our alphabet and was invented by Louis Braille in 1829 to allow the blind to read. Each character is encoded with points in relief in a matrix of 6 cells.
 This alphabet is now present by law on medicinal cases but more and more companies operating in the parapharmaceutical and cosmetic sector are introducing it as a plus in their packaging.
Specifically, with our latest technologies implemented we are able to recognize and code on printed boxes:
  • - presence / absence of points
  • - content
  • - correct positioning in relation to the reference file
  • - quality of the survey (in terms of its height)

  • Our PC-connected camera systems also allow you to compare two versions of the same PDF, or a PDF with its assembly, allowing you to detect changes like:
    Register displacements
    Incorrect items added / deleted / moved
    Color deviations
    Wrong font0
    Wrong diacritical or special characters
    A quality control is then carried out on the presence and correct quantity of glue for the entire length of the fold and on the creasing standard which allows to determine the number of beams that can be supported by a punch and its wear, to increase the starting speed and production of folding-pasting machines.
    astucci farmaceutici

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